MetaReading: What the Collective should be doing to prepare for the Spring Equinox

Hello Spiritualists!

Today is preparation day, as it is the first day of the Spring Equinox. We’re officially into the spring season, as it marks the day and night time hours as equal to one another. It is also a sign to let us know that we are no longer in winter, as nature begins to provide us with beautiful blossoming flowers and plants, animals are beginning to come out of hibernation, and many of us may feel a sense of newness and wanting to purge the things that we’ve collected or held on to in the fall and winter months.

If you’re into astrology, you’ll note that we are in the sign of Pisces, about to enter into the sign of Aries. The spread above reveals what we are to be doing as a collective in order to be ready for this incoming season.

In the recent past, we’ve had to deal with our ego.  Ruled by Mars and Leo,  our ego has most likely kept us from experiencing some major upgrades in the past.   Now it is time to move with excitement, as we are called to communicate freely and BIG.  However, there needs to be some consideration taken, as the flattery in the near future could take us back to a place of egotism.

Currently, the collective is being called to become curious and discover the opportunities that are at hand!  Many of us will be experiencing some great adventures, while others may be called to discover the other facets of themselves through self reflection, rather than outward expression.

Lastly, the collective will be tapping more into its intuition, understanding that the more you trust oneself, the more you become resourceful in doing good. Just know that the support that you seek is here and will be what is needed to carry the vision.