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The MetaSpiritualist came to be in 2018, with just a pen and a piece of paper.  Then it grew to a plan.  In 2019, so much was going on; however, thoughts and ideas began to flow on how I would structure this platform, in order to use my gifts and talents to benefit and satisfy not only myself, but to uplift, inspire, and empower others.  I’ve always had a passion for journalism, writing, music, and storytelling, but I had become paralyzed in believing that I wasn’t good enough to fit in these spaces, or that this was an area that was oversaturated and considered “trendy.”

In 2020, the world experienced the onset of a year-plus, long pandemic and millions of people were either on one side of the fence for doing what health experts and government officials advised, or going against the grain and rebelling against the advice provided. Many people drew closer to spirituality and dove deep into their inner self to work on themselves on a more intimate level through soul searching, while others fell into deep depression and hopelessness.

After contracting the COVID-19 virus and recovering from it, I knew deep down that I had a lot more work to do on this side of the cosmos, and live to my highest potential, while hearing the stories and testimonies of others, and also helping others to find their voice in the matter.  No longer was I going to keep the gifts and talents that God provided to me, a secret, or diminish myself to make others feel good.

By working on my passions of religions, spirituality, and journalism, I am able to bridge these worlds and tap into the most sacred topics and meanings of life itself.  These conversations that take place are one-hundred percent, authentic and real.

I wanted to create a space for unconventional discussions to take place around religion and spirituality.  I’ve always believed in a higher power, a creator of the Universe, the Earth, and mankind.  Studying different religious writings, I’ve always questioned, WHY?  Until I’ve learned recently, that the why’s make you WISE, thanks to the Self-Realization of a Goddess course.  I’m learning that the only way to see the vision clearly, was to gain knowledge from different perspectives.

I also, would like to preface in this first issue, that I now consider myself to be a Metaphysical Christian, meaning that I subscribe to reading and applying biblical scriptures and insight from a metaphysical perspective and I sincerely believe in Jesus [Yashua Hammaschiah] as the Messiah within.  I have always felt this deeply based off of the research and constant questioning of certain universal laws as it pertains to natural law; however, it was not made apparent to me until I met Rev. BlaQ Fire who is an ordained Metaphysician who teaches practical, biblical principles that applies to spiritual sciences, and took her course the Self-Realization of a Goddess (as mentioned previously).  With this in mind, I will quote and reference scripture both here in the newsletter and on the podcast. On the flip side, I will also be referring to and discussing topics with esoteric roots, that some may feel are witchy, demonic, or otherwise unorthodox. I will not tolerate or entertain proselytizing on any of my platforms.  I believe that God [which is stated in scripture] has given us the gift of free will, and we are free of thought, action, and beliefs, based on our own internal agreements and relationships with the Source, Most High, God.  With this in mind, we are also beholden to the consequences of those thoughts, actions, and beliefs and must be ready for the consequences, whether good or bad, to be handed down to us by the judgement and call of universal law.

My hope is that you have a place to come that is free from judgement on a superficial level, and express your thoughts and experiences that can potentially free and heal others on their path of religion and/or spirituality, both on the spiritual and natural planes.

Our focus on The MetaSpiritualist is to experience healing from within by a connection with God through conversation, meditation, practice, and application.

Come with me on this journey of the discovery of knowledge and wisdom.

– The MetaSpiritualist

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