MetaReading: The Sun Always Shines

This week the energy is definitely shifting and I believe that the collective is entering into the space of truly releasing old limiting beliefs and thoughts.  Many people are going through specific and interestingly similar situations.

For this week’s interpretation,  we will be using a new deck called the Healing Light Lenormand.  The spread that I’m using is a classic tarot spread, as it pertains to the journey that one is on.

10 – Jack of Diamonds

Sudden change; something being severed; loss of stability.

29 – Ace of Spades

Femininity, fertility, receptivity; lady with the key; woman with wisdom.

21 – 8 of Clubs

Mountain, Blockage, or obstacle.    

31 – Ace of Diamonds

The Sun! Success, positivity, warmth, and light. Overcoming obstacles; abundant harvest; things coming to fruition.

The situation that you are currently (or the collective as a whole is) experiencing is only temporary.  Many lost their footing, their grounding, or some sense of self, as suggested by the Jack of Diamonds.  However, with the feminine aspect, we have learned to transmute that energy in order to bring forth new ideas, opportunities, and connections with the Ace of Spades.  Understand  that there is no smooth road to travel and there is also no shortcuts in the journey.  You must face the mountains and obstacles as suggested by the 8 of Clubs.  If you are experiencing any blockages, search your subconscious mind and your heart to uncover the places within you that you are harboring unforgiveness.  It is time to forgive and release those things in order to experience the Ace of Diamonds, with that beautiful bright sunshine.

Healing Light Lenormand by Christopher Butler