The MetaSpiritualist’s Monthly Energy Forecast Report – October 2022


⚡️⚛️Monthly Energy Forecast Report ⚛️⚡️


Happy Libra Season!

This month we have a lot of regeneration and resetting taking place coming out from under a lot of significant astrological aspects that was extremely heavy for the month of September.

October brings the energy of the number seven (7).  The number 7 is the number of PERFECTION.  Coming from a religious perspective, in the Bible, we know that God made the heavens and the earth in seven days and on the seventh day he blessed and sanctified it and rested. This energy is calling us to get rest from the hard work and hustle that we’ve been enduring for much of the year. It’s also important to rest this month because the bustle of the holiday season is coming up, and many people are going, going, going, and end up getting sick because they’re immune system is compromised from not resting.

The beginning of the month brings us the energy of eight (8)(10/1/2022).  The sun will be in Libra while the moon will be in Sagittarius.  This is the perfect condition for balance because we’ve entered the fullness of Libra which is the balancing scales. The number 8 also brings forth balance.

Mid month carries the energy of four (4)(10/15/2022=13=4).  The moon will be in Cancer.  If you haven’t gotten the urge to declutter and get organized, now is the time to do it because the energy of 4 brings discipline, responsibility, and stability. It also allows for focus to call in knowledge and wisdom.   With the cancerian energy, you may feel emotional about detaching while you’re decluttering.  Just release the heaviness, because once it is cleared out, it will make room for what is to come.

We close out the month with the energy of two (2)(10/21/2022=11=2).

The sun will be moving into Scorpio, while the moon will be moving into Capricorn.  The number 2 brings in the energy of partnerships and unity. Now is the time that you can reconcile and build upon the strong foundation that the number 4 was allowing you to make space for from the middle of the month. Capricorn’s energy is going to help the unity be more productive and focused.

1st quarter (10/2/2022): Mercury will be in Virgo in opposition with Neptune (Rx) in the sign of Pisces.

Full moon (10/9/2022): Mars will be in Gemini square Neptune which will still be in retrograde in Pisces.

Last Quarter (10/17/2022): the Sun will still be in Libra and will trine with Mars in Gemini

New Moon (10/25/2022): Solar eclipse in Scorpio (sun in Scorpio) in conjunction with Venus in Scorpio (intense energy).

The Collective Energy Outlook, Powered by the CTO (Cardology, Tarot, and Oracle):

Cardology: King of Diamonds = success in business

Tarot: The Hanged Man = surrender, suspended in time, sacrifice

Oracle (Oracle of the Radiant Sun Deck): EXTREMISM, Mercury, Scorpio, Eight (8) = Being mindful of ones communication, signing contracts/agreements (verbal and written), balance, authenticity and power.


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