MetaJournal – The Great Purge

There has been so much happening in these spiritual internet streets in the last two years, that collectively, the paradigm shift happened and many others didn’t even know it.  A lot of people couldn’t handle the shift, and so they either mentally, spiritually, emotionally perished, or it was physical.  Either way, the Earth as a whole underwent a purging.

We release daily when, physically, our body evicts the toxins through deification or urination, sweat, crying, etc.  Mentally, we release old thoughts, self-limiting beliefs, etc.  Physically, we can clean out our closets, give away things that we no longer use, etc.  Spiritually, well, this in its entirety is a whole experience.  Our bodies know how to release and replenish, naturally because it is all our human design.  When we have a spiritual purge, we can experience physical results.  You may lose weight without changing your eating habits or working out.  You may experience a sickness that is like the flu.  You can do all of the physical things that the body naturally does as mentioned at the start of this paragraph.  The best thing to do when you become aware that the process you are going through is a spiritual purge, is to rest.  I understand how difficult it may be when you are a person who is a worker bee or someone who may have people who rely on you, such as a parent or children, etc.

As a spiritualist, I like to do a few things to assist in the purging process.  Of course, the sage, anointing oil, and my journal comes out.  I pull out my crystals, sometimes my singing bowls, and other times, I lay out in the sun.  I like to drink specific teas that assist in the elimination process to speed up the detox. It is important that rest and relaxation is infused in the process because this really allows for the body to adjust and recuperate, just like if you were to work out.

One thing that I had to actually force myself to do was to schedule self care time.  My coach calls it white space.  That is the space in which you are unbothered with the cares of the world.  Everything and everybody will be alright and you will tend to their needs when you have first tended to your own.  The beloved Iyanla Vanzant taught us that it is not selfish to put yourself first, as we’ve been drilled by religious doctrine.  It is self-FULL.  You cannot and will never be able to pour from an empty cup.  I encourage you to check your Energy Budget.

As I purge in this season, “I’m magnificent at releasing and my energy tolerance budget, is hella bougie.” I’ve released many times over, now it is time to detox to get the residual residue that has been hanging on tight.

Until next time, I hope that you all are having a blissed purge so that you can welcome in the radiant highest experience for yourself.

-The MetaSpiritualist