MetaReading: Refinement to Surrender

Last week the reading called out on how to overcome the strongholds that are placed in our lives whether from ourselves or from an outside entity. The interesting thing about Spirit is that once you tap into the messages, there is a storyline that will always come to be. 

This week, we are shown that we had to go through a refinement period in order to obtain the Kingdom that we wish to build for ourselves.  

The Bible tells us in Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Where is your vision?  Do you see the “Kingdom” within it?  If not, what steps are you planning to take in order to get there?

When we seek the Kingdom of God, we sometimes go through some trial and tribulation.  I used the term “sometimes” because I no longer believe that you have to endure trauma and other seriously life altering events in order to ‘go’ or ‘grow’ through the things that bring the lessons for you. It is all in how we respond or react to them that allows for us to elevate.  Now it is interesting that this reading opened with both FIRE and WATER.  These elements are completely opposite to one another, yet are both very valuable for sustaining life. We burn off the things of the past so that we can walk into new seasons quenched. 

Clarifying the FIRE and Water placements, we have AWAKENING and CHOICES.  This is such a fitting placement because during our refinement process we are awakened.  Sometimes we’re even doused with water to shock us.  Either way, we’re reminded that we have choices to make to propel us into the Kingdom(s) that we desire to integrate with.  

Lastly, the overall energy is SURRENDER.  Lovingly surrender to The Most High for all things.  When we surrender, we let the universe know that we trust and are ready to receive the bountiful blessings that are coming to us anyway.  We are then able to freely give, operating within the Law of Reciprocity.

Oracle of the Bible/Oracle de la Bible, by by Marian and Robert Einbeck

Messages from the Light Meditation Deck by Joyce Huntington