MetaReading of the Week: Original Enthusiasm

This week the collective is experiencing some wonderful things in the spiritual realm.  It’s so interesting that these cards came out today as I was thinking about the topic of my perspective for the week. 

The overall energy for the week is Enthusiasm.  We have to express enthusiasm in order to get to the next level.  Especially if we are waiting for some major breakthroughs to occur.  

With that said, we’ve been working really hard in the originality sphere.  Many people are really looking for ways to create, demonstrate, and disseminate the content that they have been working hard to produce (myself included).  Which brings us to the present moment of negotiation. 

We have to name our price as it pertains to the content that we are delivering to the masses. Sometimes it may require us to accept something less than what we would receive potentially because many are just learning.  You can’t expect to make a million ($1 mil) if you don’t have the experience, expertise, or skill to execute/deliver on something that is worth $1 mil. It is interesting to me in this day and age that people are demanding premium rates and they lack the basic skills, but I digress. 

Once you are past the negotiation phase, there is a decision that must be made. This decision is life-changing and must be taken with careful consideration.  Currently, there is a lot of inspiration that is flying in the ethers, thus causing restlessness.  Spirit is encouraging us to allow for things to flow like the aquarian energy in the original thought/idea.  When we force something that should not be, we end up staying in the constant state of restlessness. 

All in all, what does your enthusiasm look like?  Enthusiasm can be your commitment to self in the sense of knowing where you are on your journey, your worth in that stage, and what you need to do in order to get to the next level. Expressing Gratitude paired with Enthusiasm, can create something so magical, there will not be any mistake on you getting the things that you desire. 

I’m certain that the person who just won the jackpot showed much enthusiasm when those numbers were called out.  Congratulations to the winner of the mega millions from the last big jackpot!

Oracle of the Radiant Sun by Caroline Smith and John Astrop