MetaOrison of the Week: Elevating in Action

Elevation In Action

For this week, I’ve decided to do something slightly different for the New Moon in Cancer.  This reading is for the collective.  Many of you have been giving and giving and not really seeing the return of that investment, since you’ve been activating the Law of Reciprocity.  

Well, now is the time to realize that you have reached your point of achievement and will be giving birth to new ideas, visions, and projects. 

This may cause many of you to become a little more isolated than what you are used to; however, with perseverance and consistency, you will attain the desired riches. 

Stay focused because with this energy you may feel a bit more sensitive than usual.  Be intentional about going out and grounding yourself in nature.  Sun bathe, if you’re near water, go swimming (especially since it is the summer time), relax in a park that is near a lake. If you have any crystal quartz, pull it out and carry it with you during this time.  

It will help to vibrate on the frequency that will provide you with clarity and focus.

Whatever you do, just be sure that you are open for the endless possibilities.


Oracle of the Radiant Sun by Caroline Smith & John Astrop