MetaOrison for the Week: RISK

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

The MetaOrison for this week is:  RISK

I was so stoked when this work came out after the shuffle. In life, we have decisions that changes our lives for the rest of our lives. Some decisions are short lived, some are long term.  Either way, we have a conscious and intentional means of changing our life in any given moment, if we happen to be dis-satisfied with where we find ourselves in the current. 

Building off of last week’s MetaOrison, Gratitude, when we take a risk, it is so easy to leave room for doubt, “what if this doesn’t work,” “when is this going to payoff?,” etc.  Inject Gratitude into every risk that you take. You can never lose.

The etymology of the work RISK is risque, “hazard, danger, peril, exposure to mischance or harm.”  This word holds a negative or low vibrational frequency; HOWEVER, because we’re alchemists, we can most assuredly turn it around for our good.  It is always good to understand both the darkness and the light. When we take risks, we understand the consequences.

Y’all know that I love to pair these with a song that is resonating with me.  Listen to RISK  by FKJ and Bas when you have a moment. It’s super chill and the vibe is calming, letting you know that when you take that risk you’ve been contemplating on, you will land right where you’re supposed to be. 

The Self-Care Wisdom cards, by Cheryl Richardson, is the deck for this week that we have pulled from to reveal the mediation/affirmation that we could focus on for this week.   It was a risk for The MetaSpiritualist to come into fruition, and I’m grateful that we’re in season 2 of the podcast. With that said, this risk is catching momentum and I know that it is guided by the Source!

Take a chance. Every risk is a success when you’re committed to learning and growth.

An affirmation for this week can go a little something like this: 

As the opportunity presents itself for me to take an aligned risk for my highest good, I will jump in with both feet, knowing that The Most High of the Universe has a safety net for me.

Remember to express gratitude and allow for those opportunities for risks to manifest for your highest good.