MetaOrison for the Week: Practicality

Happy Mercury Day!
This week is a MetaOrison and we will be affirming Practicality!
The Moon/Capricorn character can be a little cautious and restrained in expressing true emotions.
They always seek practical and material answers to emotional problems; rarely will this person show what he or she feels to be weak expressions of feelings in any situation.

People with this planet/sign combination care how other people see them, and tend to hold in feelings in order to maintain an image of outward calm. The position of the Moon in this sign also indicates an over-sensitive reaction to imagined or real slights from others.

The Moon Capricornia’s position in society contributes to his or her emotional well-being, and people with this planet/sign aspect usually have an emotional need for prominence and recognition, and may have a family history of achievement to live up to.

Whatever degree of achievement this is, Moon Capricornians have strong family links, with the mother in particular representing a profound influence.

Drawing this card suggests that the person to whom it refers will be brought prominently before the public eye…

– Excerpt retrieved from the Oracle of the Radiant Sun by Caroline Smith and John Astrop.

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I receive practical and wise insight into the decisions that I must make that will keep me within my highest good.