MetaJournal: The Spiritual Aspects of the Cinderella Story Pt. 1


I’m making this article a two part submission. This first part is going to go over the obvious framework of The Cinderella Story from a spiritual perspective.  We all know and many love Cinderella’s story.  Cinderella’s mother died when she was very young, thus leaving her with her father.  Her father remarried, and her step-mother treated her cruel and inhumane, after her father passed.  Her name was changed from Ella to Cinderella after one of her sister’s threw her biological mother’s dress into the furnace.

The Cinderella story, with its various adaptations and retellings, often incorporates several spiritual and symbolic elements that add depth to the narrative. These elements include:


Cinderella’s transformation from a downtrodden, abused servant into a radiant princess is a powerful metaphor for spiritual transformation and personal growth. It represents the potential for inner change and the shedding of one’s limitations.

During the transformational period, there can and will be moments of discomfort. The butterfly has been symbolic of this major transformation.  There are so many subtle, yet significant changes that takes place and much of it is on the inside of a person rather than the outside.  By the time changes takes place on the outside, you notice how someone or something can go from one form and into their next form.

Divine Intervention

In many versions of the story, a fairy godmother or magical entity appears to assist Cinderella. This can be seen as a representation of divine intervention or guidance in one’s life, suggesting that help can come from unexpected sources when one is in need.

On our spiritual journey and throughout our human experience, we have spirit guides, ancestors, guardian angels, and higher deities.  Many call on Jesus, Allah, Muhammad, or archangels.  Either way, there are things that happen that cannot be explained.  There have been stories of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and someone’s life was spared and they lived to tell about it. This assistance has to come from a higher source.

The Importance of Kindness and Virtue

Cinderella displayed kindness, purity, and resilience contrast with her stepmother and stepsisters’ cruelty and vanity. This moral contrast underscores the spiritual lesson that goodness and virtue are qualities that should be valued and cultivated.

It also depicts that “the good guy (or gal) wins in the end.”  Enduring such harsh treatment and still able to remain a genuinely good person, shows integrity and perseverance.  The world can be and is cruel; however, keeping a positive mental attitude and striving to continue to display kindness will go a very long way in the end.

The Power of Forgiveness

Cinderella forgives her stepmother and stepsisters for their mistreatment, demonstrating the spiritual principle of forgiveness and the release of anger and resentment. This forgiveness allows her to move forward and find happiness.

We’ve all heard the saying, “forgiveness is for you, not the other person.”  This is true.  While you may never have to speak to the other person again in your life, forgiving them releases you from the negative feelings that will remain trapped in your body if you don’t forgive.

The Lost Slipper

The lost glass slipper is a symbol of unique identity and destiny. In a spiritual context, it can represent finding one’s true path and purpose, as well as the idea that the right person or situation will recognize and accept one’s authentic self.

In essence, it can also mean, “if the shoe fits, wear it.” What is meant for you, is meant for you and no one else can come at take it away; less they shatter it trying to fit somewhere that was never meant for them, and then they only hurt themselves.

Midnight and Time

Cinderella must leave the royal ball by midnight, a symbolic representation of the impermanence of material pleasures and the importance of being mindful of the passage of time. It reminds us that everything in the material world is temporary.

In a sense, this can also mean that you adhering to a promise or following the instruction of your guide, will provide you with the rewards that you have been seeking.  Leaving the ball on time will deliver a lifetime of wealth an abundance.

Miracles and Faith

When God, the Creator, TMH, Universe, etc., takes something so unsuspecting and transforms it into something beautiful to support you on your path, these are the little winks from the universe conspiring with you to elevate you to your highest self and good.

The miraculous transformation of a pumpkin into a carriage, mice into horses, and rags into a beautiful gown, emphasizes the idea that miracles can happen and that faith in the extraordinary is a powerful force in one’s life.

The Search for the Inner Beauty

The story conveys the message that true beauty lies within a person’s character, not in their outward appearance. It encourages the idea of looking beyond superficial traits to recognize the inner worth of individuals.

It is also denoting that in order to understand the inner beauty, one must delve deep within.  Oftentimes we have to go through the “dark night of the soul” and conduct shadow work to pull out the dark and negative things, heal traumatic emotional, spiritual, and mental wounds.

Ascension and Self-Realization

In many variations of the story, Cinderella’s ascent from the ashes (cinder) of her life to her royal destiny is symbolic of the soul’s journey toward self-realization and spiritual ascension.  Sometimes we have to go through some extremely challenging and dark moments in order to realize that our self worth is not determined by the outter-world, take self accountability for the things that are taking up mental and physical space in our lives, and have self determination to get through whatever is thrown our way.  These are important to ascend.

We must elevate our consciousness, remove any negative self talk, believe in the impossible, and exude confidence knowing that the universe is conspiring with us.

These spiritual elements are woven into the Cinderella story to convey universal messages about personal growth, inner beauty, forgiveness, and the transformative power of love and kindness. While the story may be seen as a fairy tale, it continues to resonate with people on a deeper, spiritual level.