MetaJournal: Strong Eye Contact — Human Connection



Have you ever made eye contact with someone and instantly felt a connection with that person?  Have you ever saw your reflection grow in their eyes as if you were looking into a mirror?

To see yourself in the eye of someone else holds some very significant power. There is a strong connection between you and the other person and it also shows how attentive you are to the person that you are engaged with during the conversation.

Eye contact is in danger of being a lost art.  With the rise of the digital space; i.e. social media, many have fallen into silo spaces whether they are hanging with friends or family, and everyone is glued to their devices. Eye contact can reveal so much about a person whether they speak one word or a whole spoken presentation.

Strong eye contact is significant for several reasons:

1. Communication: Eye contact is an essential element of effective communication. When you maintain strong eye contact with someone, it conveys attentiveness, interest, and sincerity. It shows that you are actively engaged in the conversation and are focused on the other person. It helps establish a connection and allows for a more meaningful exchange of ideas and emotions.

2. Trust and Confidence: Strong eye contact can contribute to building trust and confidence between individuals. When you maintain eye contact, it signals that you are open and honest, which can foster a sense of trustworthiness. It also demonstrates confidence in yourself and your ability to engage with others. People often perceive individuals with strong eye contact as more reliable and self-assured.

3. Nonverbal Communication: Eye contact is a powerful nonverbal communication tool. It can convey a wide range of emotions, such as empathy, compassion, concern, or even dominance, depending on the context. By making strong eye contact, you can enhance the clarity and impact of your nonverbal cues, ensuring that your intended message is understood accurately.

4. Active Listening: Maintaining strong eye contact while listening to someone shows that you are actively engaged and interested in what they are saying. It encourages the speaker to continue expressing themselves and feel heard. It also allows you to pick up on subtle cues like facial expressions and body language, enabling you to respond appropriately and demonstrate empathy.

5. Connection and Intimacy: Strong eye contact can foster a sense of connection and intimacy in personal relationships. When you maintain eye contact with someone you care about, it can deepen the emotional bond and create a stronger sense of intimacy. It shows that you are present in the moment and value their presence.

However, it is important to note that cultural norms and personal preferences may influence the interpretation of eye contact. While strong eye contact is generally seen as positive, some cultures or individuals may have different norms or may feel uncomfortable with prolonged eye contact. It’s essential to be aware of and respect these differences in various social contexts.

I implore you, yes you who are reading this, to put down the phone, the tablet, the computer, and gaze into the eyes of those who are speaking with you. You’ll learn so much about them between the words and in the silence that takes place within the conversation.

– The MetaSpiritualist