MetaJournal: Light at the end of the tunnel!

Written October 2, 2022

Updated October 30, 2022


This week has started off on the RIGHT foot!  My husband and I are celebrating 12 years of being married and we took an impromptu trip to San Francisco. I’m truly overjoyed by this because, as many of you who are in committed, long-term relationships know, it can become mundane and easy to stay in a cycle of comfortability. It can become painful to remain, it can become so familiar that you want to do something, even if it is self-sabotaging, to “spice” things up a bit.

In this trip, we’ve had the opportunity to reflect on the great times, as well as, the not so great times. All in all, I’m in a place of peace and joy. Last month was a very HARD month, one I will never want to ever repeat.  Coming into the month of October, I’m hopeful that many of the things that I’ve prayed for and worked to manifest into my reality, will come into clear focus.  Resources, opportunities, and of course, MONEY will all flow to me so that I can continue to build on my life’s purpose.

This week, I plan to become more active in this space. It’s a journey, not a sprint, and I’m now fully embracing that journey.

Coming out of such an emotional yet, fulfilling month, i’m truly grateful for the ever changing tide. Life has a way of “spicing” things up even when we were prepared fully for the spice.  I’m grateful for transformation and protection over my family and over myself.

May the universe bless you this week with peace and joy!

– The MetaSpiritualist