MetaJournal: Getting on Merry-Go-Round and How to Get Off


This weekend had me out for the count.  I came down with a cold and ended up staying home pretty much all weekend; with the exception of going out for just a couple of things.  During this time, I had some great reflections on cycles and wondered to myself how to really break them. 

I remember when I came to “know Christ” in my early 20’s, I would watch Joyce Meyers and during that time, she had just released her book titled, “Battlefield of the Mind.”  During her sermons, she would use the phrase, “stinking thinking,” in her country twang. Well, this weekend, I heard that voice and was like “YES, that is what causes the repeating negative cycles!  Our stinking thinking.” Call it hallucination or what have you, but I know that Spirit sent that thought, that voice, as a reminder that I have not come this far to throw in the towel. 

So what is a cycle?  A cycle has an array of definitions; however, for the context of this message, we’ll go with, “a series of events that are regularly repeated in the same order.” The Universe gives us clues about the cycles that we are in, the ones we have come out of, and provides us a heads up of a cycle that we’re about to enter, whether that be good or bad.

How do we break them?  Oftentimes we experience cycles as a negative occurrence and therefore we have to break them. We see the red flags, the warning signs, we hear the alarms going off, yet we continue as if we can change that pattern.  It takes will power, determination, and a mindset shift in order to break a negative cycle. It also takes disassociating yourself with people and environments that are toxic to your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.  One thing that I’m learning on this phase of my journey is that my voice, feelings, and experiences are valid and that I have the power to break whatever cycle I find myself within. 

I’m creating positive cycles that I will enjoy for years to come.  I’m breaking generational curses clothed in cycles that “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” It’s time to experience life in a cycle that is of peace, ease, tranquility, and flow. Unbothered by what others may think (cause yes I’ve been picking up on some energetic shit that is testing my gangsta), say, or do.  

I titled this The Merry-Go-Round and How to Get Off because, well “Repeating Cycles and How to Break Them” is already such a popular title in this space; and plus many of us as children LOVED the merry-go-round, thus hopping on it again and again, knowing good and well that we would get off dizzy.  It was the sensation that being on the merry-go-round gave us, and as humans we love a good thrill whether it is positive or negative, right?

So, how are you breaking negative cycles and creating positive ones?

Until next time, may you slow the merry-go-round long enough to hop off if you’re tired of the sensation it gives you.