MetaJournal: Commanding My Throne

This past weekend, I traveled to Philadelphia, PA for the very first time in my life to attend a spiritual conference.

As a BlaQ Fire Alumni, I have now experienced 3 facets of BlaQ Fire Nation. The first being the Self-Realization of a Goddess Course.  I took this course in 2020 right as the pandemic had shut everything down. I believe I may have been simply following Rev. Kimesha McDowell for about a year or so, before I felt the pull to sign up for the course.  Spirit had been speaking to me for a very long time but I never really had the courage to speak or move confidently in what I knew.  Taking the course was the first step in this phase of my journey that I needed to get me to the point where I am today.

The second facet was the Self Realization of a Goddess Retreat.  Last year the retreat was in Blue Ridge, GA.  Leading up to the retreat I just knew that I was in alignment with what Spirit was leading me through.  We had such an amazing time during the retreat.  I went ziplining for the first time in my life! I was nervous and afraid of the activity but I pushed through that fear and went for it.  It was the most invigorating experience that I have ever had. There were many other activities that we partook together during that retreat that I will remember forever. It happened to take place during my birthday weekend and I honestly felt that I underwent another rebirth.

Now the third facet, and boy has it been a phenomenal experience.  When I landed in Philadelphia, I felt like I was home. Even though I’m from Arkansas, I’ve always been drawn to both country life and city life, and this was no exception.  Living in California I feel a slight disconnect from the bulk of the action.  The vibe on the east coast and in the midwest is such a difference that it is hard to believe that there are so many people who migrated to California from these areas.

For this trip, I traveled with my Spiritual mother.  We talked about many things that we already know about each other and we also talked about things that we had no idea about each other.  We also experienced some parallels in how our family dynamic is and our role within that space.  I’m forever grateful for this time together.  So being at the Command Your Throne Conference with Rev. Kimesha McDowell, was another exceptional experience. Hearing my Godsis Shannaire in her power, talk about the importance of being healthy for our business was everything!  She touched on how as women we need to have our self care regimen and also ways to improve our overall health.

Next speaker to hit the stage was Gigi Robinson. Gigi talked about how to use astrology in business and spoke with us about how to look up our business natal chart.  She shared that oftentimes we fail in business because we are not speaking the language of our business based on the time and season that we had started/launched it.  This was an AH-HA moment for many in the room because many of the reflection discussions that I was able to capture didn’t realize that the business also had a natal chart and that there could be many reasons as to why and how one would get stuck in a rut.

The last speaker that blessed the stage was Rev. Kimesha herself!  In her usual glory, she broke down a few words like SpiRICHual and COMMand, and “I aim to C that” with the word CLAIM. Another AH-HA Moment that we had was that along with an I AM statement is is also a good practice to incorporate an I HELP statement.

There are many take-aways from this trip that I will definitely be incorporating in this next phase because I’ve been saying that “I’m Ready,” for quite some time now.  NOW it is time for me to experience all that I declared and decreed that I am ready for.  NOW it is time for me to be COZY in my POWER.  NOW it is time to COMMAND MY THRONE!

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Until next time, may you command your throne and bring forth the gifts and talents that you’ve been called to operate in on this journey of your life.

With Gratitude,