MetaJournal – Levels of Optimism

On 7/7, we entered a portal that has allowed for us to experience a quantum leap into the timelines that we have resonated with over the last several months. Keeping in mind that we are still in Saturn’s retrograde; however, we’re all dealing with the effects of the moon placement that took place in Capricorn on the 13th in the sun sign of Cancer, which has stirred up a lot of emotional feelings with our parents and interpersonal relationships.  Learning to forgive and release has been something major in the collective and now is the time to really transmute a lot of the negative energies that we have been so used to holding on to throughout our lives.


As of today, July 18th, we’re preparing to leave the sun sign of Cancer and enter into the sign of Leo, which is going to help us in our confidence and optimism.  I decided to look into the different levels of optimism based on the 5 different personality types.  An optimist is someone who believes that good will prevail over evil.  In the 5 Qualities of Optimistic People, they are people who are self-motivated, they surround themselves with positive people, they express gratitude, they don’t listen to naysayers, and they are often joyful and happy.  We know that optimism is associated, overall, with better health.  It is important to note that when we are optimistic about our future, we can heal our minds, bodies, and souls.

As a spiritualist, one of the hardest things that has taken place in recent years is changing the mindset.  Unprogramming all of the toxic behaviors and limiting beliefs.  To be honest, I had always been optimistic to a certain degree.  Sometimes it would be very high optimism, and there are times that it is ‘meh.’ The times that it was ‘meh,’ was when I allowed for others to dictate or manipulate my thoughts and feeling towards myself.  I take accountability and responsibility for that, so in this season and beyond, when you see me in these internet streets, just know that I’m vibin’ on a whole new level that no one can bring me down from.

Until next time, I hope that you are optimistic about the future of your highest good!

With Gratitude,