MetaJournal: Commanding My Throne

This past weekend, I traveled to Philadelphia, PA for the very first time in my life to attend a spiritual conference. As a BlaQ Fire Alumni, I have now experienced 3 facets of BlaQ Fire Nation. The first being the Self-Realization of a Goddess Course.  I took this course in 2020 right as the pandemic … Read more

MetaReading: Basking in Opulence

Basking In Opulence This week we have the Queen of Diamonds!  The diamonds suite in cartomancy is equivalent to the pentacles in tarot. It is money, stability, and abundance as a whole.  The Queen of Diamonds denotes values, security and dharma.  It is considered to operate in the “Realm of Values.”   According to METASYMBOLOGY.COM … Read more

MetaJournal: 8/8 Lion’s Gate

I am so excited for this year’s 8/8 Lion’s Gate. Last year, I had been dealing with quite a bit of things on the professional side that I was totally consumed with the issues that were surrounding me.  Now I know that when I am the common denominator in the shit storms that I’ve created, … Read more

MetaReading of the Week: Original Enthusiasm

This week the collective is experiencing some wonderful things in the spiritual realm.  It’s so interesting that these cards came out today as I was thinking about the topic of my perspective for the week.  The overall energy for the week is Enthusiasm.  We have to express enthusiasm in order to get to the next … Read more

MetaJournal: Superficial Exhibited Originality

  Social media has provided a digital space for people to create, share, gain inspiration from others, and gain popularity on a much greater and faster scale than before.  This phenomenon has raised an interesting pandemic, in my opinion, that has caused quite a stir in all social media platforms. I’m writing this from a … Read more

MetaReading: Refinement to Surrender

Last week the reading called out on how to overcome the strongholds that are placed in our lives whether from ourselves or from an outside entity. The interesting thing about Spirit is that once you tap into the messages, there is a storyline that will always come to be.  This week, we are shown that … Read more

MetaJournal – The Great Purge

There has been so much happening in these spiritual internet streets in the last two years, that collectively, the paradigm shift happened and many others didn’t even know it.  A lot of people couldn’t handle the shift, and so they either mentally, spiritually, emotionally perished, or it was physical.  Either way, the Earth as a … Read more

MetaOrison: Optimism

To close out this week, I was just casually shuffling the “Self-Care Wisdom Cards,” by Cheryl Richardson, and I asked Spirit, what should I do to close out this week. Would you believe that that card for Optimism fell out as I was shuffling! The message is: “If you’re going to make up stories in … Read more