MetaReading: Basking in Opulence

Basking In Opulence This week we have the Queen of Diamonds!  The diamonds suite in cartomancy is equivalent to the pentacles in tarot. It is money, stability, and abundance as a whole.  The Queen of Diamonds denotes values, security and dharma.  It is considered to operate in the “Realm of Values.”   According to METASYMBOLOGY.COM … Read more

MetaReading: Refinement to Surrender

Last week the reading called out on how to overcome the strongholds that are placed in our lives whether from ourselves or from an outside entity. The interesting thing about Spirit is that once you tap into the messages, there is a storyline that will always come to be.  This week, we are shown that … Read more

MetaReading: The Sun Always Shines

This week the energy is definitely shifting and I believe that the collective is entering into the space of truly releasing old limiting beliefs and thoughts.  Many people are going through specific and interestingly similar situations. For this week’s interpretation,  we will be using a new deck called the Healing Light Lenormand.  The spread that … Read more