MetaOrison: Optimism

To close out this week, I was just casually shuffling the “Self-Care Wisdom Cards,” by Cheryl Richardson, and I asked Spirit, what should I do to close out this week. Would you believe that that card for Optimism fell out as I was shuffling! The message is: “If you’re going to make up stories in … Read more

MetaOrison of the Week: Elevating in Action

Elevation In Action For this week, I’ve decided to do something slightly different for the New Moon in Cancer.  This reading is for the collective.  Many of you have been giving and giving and not really seeing the return of that investment, since you’ve been activating the Law of Reciprocity.   Well, now is the time … Read more

MetaOrison for the Week: Practicality

Happy Mercury Day! This week is a MetaOrison and we will be affirming Practicality! The Moon/Capricorn character can be a little cautious and restrained in expressing true emotions. They always seek practical and material answers to emotional problems; rarely will this person show what he or she feels to be weak expressions of feelings in … Read more

MetaOrison for the Week: RISK

The MetaOrison for this week is:  RISK I was so stoked when this work came out after the shuffle. In life, we have decisions that changes our lives for the rest of our lives. Some decisions are short lived, some are long term.  Either way, we have a conscious and intentional means of changing our … Read more