MetaJournal: 8/8 Lion’s Gate

I am so excited for this year’s 8/8 Lion’s Gate. Last year, I had been dealing with quite a bit of things on the professional side that I was totally consumed with the issues that were surrounding me.  Now I know that when I am the common denominator in the shit storms that I’ve created, I take a step back to observe the behaviors of myself and that of others.  I self correct, sometimes to a fault that I overcompensate for the errors of others.  I do my best to communicate with others whom I have had the issue with, and work diligently to come to a resolve.  

I now realize that others may not be on a specific juncture in their path that would allow for them to also work towards a resolve.  People who lack the ability to apologize genuinely and course correct to come to a resolution, will come to realize that they too, will become a common denominator once the law of karma is in full effect.

I had the thought of beginning to record and document my journey more consistently.  I came across someone on tiktok who spoke specifically on what I had been contemplating over the last week or so, and so I know that was nothing but spirit allowing for that message specifically to come through.  I’m not claiming to be a reader; however, I know that when I share the MetaReadings now, I feel wonderful within, knowing that I’m able to interpret what the imagery is showing in the cards. I plan to begin recording those. 

What are you doing during this Lion’s Gate portal?  I’m confident that the work that I have been putting in spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically will be allowing me to reap the benefits thereof. 

Until next time, I hope that you tapped into the version of you that you hope to see on this very day next year and beyond!